Level UP!

Learn How to Set Your Family Up for Safety

This course covers all the milestones around technology and parenting.

It’s designed to let you pre-plan your overall parenting strategy, responses and boundaries, based on your family values and goals. No more saying “yes” to a technology or app, then regretting it. I’ve talked with hundreds of parents and every single parent wishes they could go back in time and slow down the rush of technology. But, once the access is given, it’s hard to take back.

You will learn how to manage all the “firsts”, like the:

  • First time your child’s fingers hit a device, (probably your device)
  • First time your child gets their own device
  • First time your child gets a smart phone
  • First time your child signs up for a social media account

No more “winging it” on your own, hoping for the best. You’ll learn Lisa’s effective strategies in a group full of smart, engaged parents and share what’s working (and not). 

You’ll get answers to these questions:

  • What do you need to do in advance? How will you set your kids up for safety?
  • What do you say to your kids to let them know screens are a privilege, not a right?
  • How do you know if they’re messing up and need more guidance, if you can’t see what they’re doing online?

The class is online, interactive and live.

6 sessions delivered over 3 weeks

Your investment is $197

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